Chinese tunic suit

Due to the factors of body shapes, textile quality and the complexity of the clothing style, price may vary for different people in tailoring or alterations. For details, please visit our store.

Custom chinese tunic suit - chiense jacket

The modern Chinese tunic suit also known as Mao's suit or Zhongshan suit is a costume created by Dr. Sun Yat-sen and Dr. Wong Lung-sang, and is often worn by Chinese political figures and is one of the official costumes of Malaysia. It is regarded as a modern formal costume of Chinese characteristics that combines the Western Western characteristics of solemnity, but also has a conservative and restrained character of the East, popular with the older generation, also often appear in kung fu movies.

Our store uses stretch fabric to make Zhongshan clothing, which is beautiful and wrinkle-resistant, and is loved by new and old customers.

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custom chinese tunic suit 

Please call us at 1(647)327-6281 or visit our store for details!